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The fast Push Service for professional Publishers.

Escenic Professional Services

Escenic Professional Services

Equipped with sound knowledge, best practices and many years of experience from numerous customer projects, our staff can support you with business analysis, software architecture, development, testing and project management of your Escenic project.

N-TV News Platform

N-TV News Platform

N-TV relies on the services of eThinking.

Digital Newsroom and Media Asset Management.


eThinking integrates DC-X into your systems. Your digital newsroom to observe news, research, archive, manage workflows and produce content the smart way – for web, print and mobile devices.


Corporate Communications and Intranet.

TUI Group Logo our Customer
Enterprises need to communicate all the time – with the public, customers, and employees. eThinking supports with intelligent solutions.
TUI website in responsive web design

Platform and Website.

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Even the classical trade is demanded by constant communication with its customers and new target groups . eThinking supported the technical implementation of the new entertainment platform and the Mediamarkt is going a new communication strategy with this content-offensive.

eThinking MediaMarkt Plattform

Funke Mediengruppe Logo eThinking

As a longtime partner of the FUNKE Mediengruppe eThinking was entrusted with the migration of Bild der Frau. That was carried out with the team of FUNKE DIGITAL and common planning with successful migration of content to the CMS Escenic.

Bild der Frau Escenic Migration eThinking

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Logo Süddeutsche Zeitung Push.Delivery
Our brandnew customer Süddeutsche Zeitung starts with us as his new technology partner for their push notifications of the app. We are looking forward to that collaboration with our! Push Service eThinking followed the previous successful connections of our “” and is also part of the portfolio of Ringier AG. The userrelated push messages demonstrate the technical progress with implications for the success of the customer.

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hybrid app

we build your app.

Low-priced development costs

Hybrid technologie reduces Development- and Testing-Costs.

One source code base

Native Apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone out of one Code Base.

Easy to connect

Your App communicates via XML, JSON or RSS Feed with your Platform.

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Our technology stack.

Docker – Build, Ship and Run Any App, Anywhere

The alternative to full virtualisation – distribute and manage applications in lightweight containers. The solution for synchronised systems in various environments – from development and staging through to the production system.

Varnish – Makes websites fly!

The first-level cache for high-performance web applications and relief for application servers. Fast delivery – regardless whether it’s a J2EE, PHP or Ruby platform. Also perfect for complex fallback or failover scenarios.

Solr – Blazing fast open source enterprise search

Alongside ElasticSearch it is the technolgy to gather and present complex datasets with high-performance. For semantic associations or pure search, Solr is a highly scalable solution.

Gradle – Build Automation Evolved

We build with Gradle 2.0 – a modern multi-platform build system, best suited to manage complex heterogeneous IT architectures with an integrating build system.

Hazelcast – the Leading Open Source In-Memory Data Grid

Computationally intensive data and objects provided in a scalable and highly available way with the Java-based in-memory grid solution, Hazelcast: reduced load, fewer servers, fewer costs!

Escenic Professional Services.

eThinking with Escenic. We are your partner in all aspects of the content management system Escenic and support you with the planning and implementation of Escenic based portals and platforms. As your implementation partner we’ll help you with extending the product with individual solutions and guarantee a future-proof product operation.

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Software Development.

eThinking develops custom IT solutions for the internet sector. We advise our customers in every project phase and help you look for the best solution for every challenge. Core capabilities are the technical conception and programming, including the required interfaces to external systems and business processes.

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Management and Technology Consulting.

Get added value from technology. Use innovative IT to your competitive advantage. With eThinking management and technology consulting we give you this advantage by using advanced web technologies, expertise in modern software development and IT infrastructures.

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Mobile Web and Apps.

The mobile use of our customers’ services is an important component in our technology palette. Mobile web through responsive design or apps for smartphones and tablets. Conception, design and implementation of mobile apps and websites are just as important parts of our portfolio as the underlying backend services.

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High-Performance Websites.

Permanently bring out the best of your platform with us! Whether a basic load of 500 Million page impressions per month or reliability during load peaks – high-performance solutions are a cornerstone of eThinking. We know these special demands on the deployed IT architecture and comprehensively meet them as your technical partner.

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Deployment and Operation.

For reliable operation of your platform we support you directly on-site or together with hosting partners in secure and high-performance data centres. We’ll help you with automating your deployments and develop individual deployment processes for smooth integration in your release management.

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