Escenic Professional Services


Bring our experts in at the beginning of your project to avoid risks and ensure that your project team reaches the right decisions. Whatever the questions and problems your Escenic project poses – we’ll solve them – together with you.

Use our comprehensive know-how to make the right choice of system and server architecture and best-practice solutions to accelerate the entire development process.

Our Escenic Professional Service team is ready to assist you. We’ll make custom implementation projects possible for you.

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Dipl. Ing. Simon Mieth

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Planning a new project with the Escenic Content Engine? You’d like to upgrade your existing Escenic Content Engine to the latest version? Not sure if your Escenic installation is optimally configured for maximum performance?

Bring our Escenic experts into your project and benefit from our many years of experience from numerous customer projects.


Performance Analysis and Optimisation.

Keep an eye on the system performance with us when launching new functions on your website.

Escenic Content Engine upgrade.

Upgrade to the current Escenic Content Engine and benefit from new features and improvements.

Website Upgrade and Redesign.

Planning a relaunch or want to upgrade your website? Already using responsive design? We’ll help you with it.

Widget Concept and Widget Framework.

We can extend or create widgets or the entire widget framework according to your requirements.

Escenic Content Engine Plugins.

Should there be anything that Escenic cannot do – we can develop individual functionalities as plugins for you.


Instruction and training.

We offer you a broad palette of training for editorial staff, website administrators, developers and system administrators.
Our courses cover practically everything relating to Escenic, from the basics of using Escenic Content Studio to detailed application development to system architecture and administration.


Escenic Content Studio 5.

Utilise the maximum potential of  Escenic Content Studio – we’ll train your users.

Website Development with Escenic CMS.

Implement layouts and take page-building into your own hands.

Escenic Content Engine – Installation and Configuration.

Get to know the requirements and best practices of setting up the Escenic Content Engine.

Escenic Content Engine – Website Administration.

Get to know the back office tools of Escenic and take over the administration of your website.

Escenic Content Engine – Performance Analysis and Optimisation.

Learn how you can keep an eye on system performance when implementing new functions on your website.