Platform Development


Today, software is one of the most important production factors in an organisation and the key to success by providing a fundamental unique selling point. We develop software solutions, tailor-made or based on established standard products, that help you to secure and expand the success of your organisation. We develop to give you the competitive advantage.



Demand Management.

Demand management is vitally important where complex products and/or systems are planned, requiring efficient division of labour in the development process. It is the basis of a good solution.

Software Architecture.

Our software architects have over 20 years experience in the Java and Enterprise fields. We’ll plan a reliable and sustainable software architecture with you to increase your success.

Java (J2EE).

We are experts in the field of Java. Our staff bring experience from numerous successful enterprise customer projects with them.


We happily build with PHP for small to medium projects. Our staff bring expertise from many creative customer projects.



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Dipl. Inf. Alexander Schlett

Telephone: +49 (0)30 5770019-63