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Push.Delivery – our Push Notification Service is unbelievably fast. Optimised for the needs of our customers, an enormus number of devices can be pushed extremly quickly. It is our strength to send Braking-News to millions of users within seconds. That brings proven success to our customers in increasing its opening rate of Apps. We constantly work to the demands of the market providing permanent product improvement.





The connection of the eThinking Push Notification Service is very simple.
Our Push.Delivery will be connected per REST API to your App and your CMS. Data exchange is SSL encrypted and for the CMS Escenic as well as for WordPress we offer a plugin.

Push.Delivery is available as cloud solution (SaaS). The integration of your Apps is implemented super easily via the web interface and supports independent and efficient working. From applying on changing until successful sendind your Push Notification you don´t need any technical support. When you are connecting your CMS with the Push.Delivery REST-API we will assist you.
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Push Notification Service Statistik Auswertung eThinking



Evaluation in line with your demands.

How many of my readers subscribe to the news of the football league and at the same time want to see the news on their favorite club from an different league.

Every day we see many successful stories and we are proud about the performance of our software.

We will happily advise you and give you the inside on the future of your app.



Push made in Germany

push.delivery is completely operated and developed in Germany. Our servers are in our German data center.

For many of our customers, this is an important advantage in terms of data protection compared to other push service providers.

Please feel free to contact us on the General Data Protection Regulation (DGPR).



100 €

10 Apps*
100.000 Geräte
20 Tags
Remote API
user-defined Payload


500 €

20 Apps*
1.000.000 Geräte
100 Tags
Remote API
user-defined Payload


700 €

30 Apps*
4.000.000 Geräte
1000 Tags
Remote API
user-defined Payload
Browser Push




By using ethinking customers don’t need to fit the crowd.
Together we’ll find an individual push solution.

* We count your Apps for each operational system. There will be 3 Apps when you are using e.g. iOS, Android or Windows.

Any questions? Call us!


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eMail: push@ethinking.de
Telefon: +49-30-5770019-60



Web Push – Just try it!

Take advantage of push notifications on the desktop browser as well.


Supported Browsers:

Chrome Desktop

Safari Desktop

Firefox Desktop


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Push Notification Service eThinking Sport Blick

1:0 for the fastest!

Sport reports have to be quick and clear.

Our customers conferm that this is exactly what they need. Red cards, goals and new players are the neccessary information a loyal football fan has to know – without searching the news. Blick Sport is a successful publisher and partner for their users – even on parties without a TV.

Push Notification Service App Shopping Banking eThinking

Everything paid?

When do i get my salary? To check your salary in online banking takes a lot of time. However, it can be so easy. With our Push.Delivery you can reach your customers with important messages such as receipts of monies on their bank account. Get the young generation interested in opening an account with your bank and built up a new target group.

Push Notification Service Geolocation eThinking

Reach your customers everywhere

„Welcome to Hamburg, visit our shop at the railway station and get 20% discount!“ This is one of the possibilities to reach your customer. Using geolocation we recognize the new location and can push specific advertising with surprising news. You are never so close to your customer by using this little Information. Create the desired additional value and addid growth.


Become part of our success and get an introduction to our Push.Delivery!

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Christian Müller

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