Alexa: How do I send push notifiactions to smart home assistants?

The little helpers are well established in many homes by now and play a crucial role in everyday life – as advisor, DJ or personal assistant.

Usually, you tell Alexa what she has to do. Whatever you want to know, listen to or remember. How about Alexa would notify you, whenever there is something important or interesting to know.

ethinking.push also sends push notifications and news to the smart home devices of your users and customers.
Is your package on the way or arriving soon?
Did your favorite team just score?
Are there important breaking news?
Alexa has got all the news – you don’t have to open up any app on your phone or start up your computer.

The yellow ring

Your smart speaker won’t start interrupting you or yell news updates through your flat all day and night. The yellow ring tells you that Alexa has some updates to tell you about. All you have to do is ask Alexa about it whenver you got time or you’re in the mood for it.

Of youre you can also choose which topics and events you are interested in and want to be notified about. Just like with every other plattform you can push to with ethinking.push. anderen Plattform, die ethinking.push bedient, Themen und Rubriken auswählen, die einen interessieren. This ensures, that only information that is really relevant enters your flat through the yellow ring.

Skills that Wow

Skills are the Apps of the Smart Speaker World. With the right skills you can get more out of your smart devices and delive an extre service to your users – on a channel that probably isn’t yet served by the competition.

Whether it is games, news, reminders or plattform navigation – we develop Alexa skills, that make your user’s life a little easier, funnier or more varied.

Discover, how your project can be translated to correspond with smart speakers. Feel free to contact us in order to learn more about the topic and enhance your multichannel marketing strategy.

Max out your complete reach – with ethinking.push

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