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XP Layer is our content orchestration solution for your smart digital platforms. It is the independent interface between content sources and playout channels – the core for a standardized headless architecture.

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XP Layer Widgets

Faster value creation

Build your frontend based on market-proven widgets and go live today as a Progressive Web App (PWA), Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP), App, Alexa Skill, or simply with the channel you need.

“XP Layer makes the front end and the digital experience more flexible and exciting. It’s a great opportunity for forward-thinking brands to try out new ideas.”

Mark van de Kamp

Head of Innovation @ StiboDX

Empower your editorial team

Your editorial team works independently from your developers. Giving everyone the freedom and flexibility to focus on what they’re best at.

“XP Layer‘s frontend flexibility allows us to realize new ideas faster than before. Now, we can constantly adapt and optimize our digital experience.”

Elisa Müller

CEO @ Digital Media Hub

XP Layer
XP Layer Low Code

Boost your frontend development

Your developers work on the cool stuff like building your own unique Widgets, our fully customizable building blocks, that create endless possibilities for your multichannel frontend!

“Thanks to ethinking our developers can focus on what they are best in: coding.”

Michael Rütten

Product Owner @ Digital Media Hub

Native CMS/DXP Support

Together with our technology partners we provide ready connectors for well-known CMS and DXP solutions.

Brightspot CMS

For the Enterprise Headless CMS solution of our partner Brightspot we provide a suitable XP Layer Adapter. Connect and go is also the motto here.

With XP Layer, you enable the full Digital Experience for all user groups. With XP Layer’s widget concept, editorial, marketing and sales teams can take immediate effect and create successful digital products.


CUE by StiboDX

For the headless DXP solution of our partner StiboDX we provide a suitable XP Layer Adapter. Connect and go is also the motto here.

With XP Layer, you enable the full Digital Experience for all user groups. With XP Layer’s widget concept, editorial, marketing and sales teams can take immediate effect and create successful digital products.


We also provide a suitable XP Layer Adapter for the popular opensource CMS Wordpress. Connect Opensourcen CMS with Enterprise Content Orchestration and get started.

Can I also orchestrate my Wordpress website with XP Layer?

We have often heard this question. We say, yes! Your editors continue to write content in Wordpress. Content playout across all channels (e.g. web, app, AMP, Alexa) is conveniently controlled via drag & drop. With XP Layer, you enable the full Digital Experience in Wordpress as well.


How about XP Layer for Contentful? If you are interested in our solution, feel free to contact us. Contentful is also "XP Layer ready".


How about XP Layer for Ibexa? If you are interested in our solution, feel free to contact us. Ibexa is also "XP Layer ready".


Control pressure for change

We help you keep up with the competition and the pace of innovation - even if you have fewer resources and smaller budgets than the big players.

Generate added value

Focus on creating a pleasant customer experience and accelerating your business - without worrying about your front end.

Faster value creation

Autonomy and agility for each team member. A solution is always just a click away.

Made for business

XP Layer is designed for business: High performance, flexibility and data protection are built in from day one. We are ready to meet your complex requirements!

No more legacy code

With state-of-the-art technology and a variety of standard integrations, you can further tailor your architecture to meet your business needs.

More channels

Test, learn and improve - constantly! Use the flexibility to quickly adapt to your UX results and market research.

Answers to frequently asked questions

The term “Digital Experience” is on everyone’s lips these days. For ethinking, digital experience means when people from a wide range of disciplines can be effective in sharing digital products. Too often, however, digital work ends in the creation of a ticket to the IT department and rounds of requirements or coordination.

Who has not experienced it? An element on the company page is to be placed differently, advertising is to be deactivated for a short time, or a list of articles is to be populated differently. You could do it quickly if you could just do it without software developers.

With the XP Layer you add this Digital Experience to your platform – in the future you can do it easily!

In short – the “Head” is the “face” of the platform. It is what the end user sees and uses. For example, it is the website or the app. A headless platform no longer cares about how the content and data is displayed, it simply provides it through an interface, creating better opportunities to query it right away as you need it as a website or app developer.

This is becoming necessary because the playout channels are becoming increasingly diverse. Example: While an app developer can include fragments of the website in his app for display, an Alexa Skill developer for the Amazon Echo devices cannot do anything with HTML and JavaScript.

That’s why headless platforms deliver their content in JSON or XML format and the end devices read the data and take care of displaying it accordingly – as voice output, website or app.

With the XP Layer, you rely on a standardized content orchestration software where you use widgets to centrally control the content of your platform across all channels. This includes not only texts and images, but also, for example, advertising formats adapted for the respective playout channels. Agile work
is now also possible for all departments with the XP Layer. Editors, product managers, and other stakeholders can centrally control websites, apps, and other digital playout channels regardless of the functionality of their content management system, and can also connect to all conceivable sources. Not only can different CMS systems be used in parallel as sources for your digital products, but other external sources, such as microservices and special importers, can also provide data for your playout channels. The XP Layer thus acts as a kind of “control center” for all the content of your digital products.

What content should be played out where, how and when? The XP Layer supports your departments with the help of intelligent logics and a ready-made widget construction kit. Just like in an orchestra, you become the conductor and ensure that a harmonious and successful overall result is created from various elements. The existing widget construction kit ensures that all elements can be used as modules on various levels when designing the playout paths. For example, an article text can also be displayed as a single module on a rubric page and is no longer just part of the classic article. Images can be dragged from articles into separate image galleries. Advertising can be placed individually within a widget and can also be activated or deactivated. If you want to test existing widgets, you can bring them live independently with a click and also take them offline again. So there is no need for a complex roll-out process. In addition, the content can be automated in a variety of ways using rules and filters – key words: duplicate filter, randomizer or time control. You can use all these functions with the XP Layer across channels and orchestrate your content in this way.

With XP Layer, you can focus on your business goals and content, and not waste time and money on technical challenges. This allows you to use your freed-up IT resources for the development of new, innovative products and features. When you use the XP Layer, you are not opting out of systems you already have in place, but ensuring that you become more agile: in the selection of your sources, in the design and control of your playout channels, and also in the development of your features and thus the further development of your platform.


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