Amazon Alexa Push

Welcome to the Internet of Things!
Discover the potential of push notifications on smart assistants.

The skills you need for smart strategies

For multiple years already we are developing Skills for Amazon’s smart assistant Alexa. It doesn’t stop with Push. Alexa Skills offer a whole new way of interacting with your content.

We are here to help in case you want to develop your strategy and render it IoT ready, also beyond the topic of push notifications.

Be a Pioneer

A lot of competitors already arrived in the realm of App- and Web-Push. When it comes to Smart Assistant Push the field is relatively new and not covered that intensely and, thus, yields the opportunity to collect Push subscriptions before the rest of your industry realizes the potential of this platform.

We support the small ones and the big ones alike

The Push Service by ethinking arrives where it’s supposed to go. It makes no difference if your users own a purely language based Amazon Echo Dot, or the larger model like Amazon Echo Show with a display to play videos. Unser Push Service unterstützt jedes Endgerät und stellt eine korrekte Wiedergabe sicher. Our push service supports every device and ensures a correct playback.

Go ahead and try it out ...

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