Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) now officially part of our push notification service

Customers using ethinking.push now have the possibility to send push notifications to Huawei devices that integrated into Huawei Mobile Services (HMS).

2020 Huawei moved away from using Google Play Services with their newly released devices and replaced them with their own ecosystem. To ensure that users still get push notifications it is necessary to use the Mobile Services provided by Huawei.

In the first step it is required to create an app inside Huawei’s AppGallery Connect and to activate the connected push kit. Following this, you can create an app for the platform Huawei inside the ethinking.push Console and configure it according to your personal requirements. To connect this app with the AppGallery Connect environment you simply enter “App ID” and “App Secret” that you can easily extract from inside your AppGallery Connect setup. This concludes the setup and ethinking.push is successfully connected to the Huawei push-carrier.

Find the complete documentation regarding the connection between our push service and Huawei HMS inside our documentation portal:


Reach your target group also on Huawei devices

Huawei is one of the largest manufacturer of smartphones worldwide – so there is a high chance a good portion of your user base is using their devices. Apart from iOS and Android you can now also reach Huawei user through ethinking.push and include those as part of your multichannel strategy.

We hope you’ll succeed in addressing Huawei users from now on. Our team is more than happy to address all the remaining questions you might have and gladly helps with every task around the development and implementation of your push-startegy.