Escenic DC-X Integration

The eThinking Integration Service connects DC-X with Escenic.


Microservice Architecture: Thanks to the eThinking Integration Service, content can be exchanged between DC-X and Escenic without any problems.

Automation: The exchange is fully automated using REST API.

User Interface: A convenient user interface is provided for configuration and control of the Integration Service.


Escenic DC-X Plugin.



Content Studio Integration: eThinking provides a plugin for Escenic Content Studio. Content from DC-X can easily be searched and used in Escenic.

Drag & Drop: Content from DC-X search results can comfortably be dragged into Escenic Content Studio via the drag & drop field.

Metadata: Metadata such as image captions, descriptions, etc. are automatically transferred from DC-X to Excenic.  Changes to metadata in Escenic are automatically forwarded to DC-X.




Usage Lists: DC-X saves usage lists for content. Therefore you always have an overview in DC-X of where the content is being used in Escenic.

Article Types: The DC-X Escenic Plugin supports unterstützt multiple article types. The fields to be synchronised can be individually configured.




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